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   Troubleshooting Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 Error in an Easy Way [31/05/16 03:16AM]   
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Summary: When you save a game in Chessmaster 2000 running in Windows 95, you may experience the following problems:

  • The Drives box in the Save Game dialog box contains garbled text.
  • You cannot type alphabetical characters in the File Name box in the Save Game dialog box. You can type numeric characters in the File Name box.
  • Solution: If you fix Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 error in time, your PC will run like brand new. To solve Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 problems effectively and efficiently, install a good Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 Error Removal Tool is a smart solution. This is an advanced optimizing tool the can repair all those problems that are slowing your computer down.

    Download Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 Problems Fixer Now

    In order to repair Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 issue, install SmartPCFixer immediately. This system optimizer software is already proven to locate, identify, and fix Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 errors. Speed up your PC with SmartPCFixer at once

    Manual Solutions

    When you click a drive in the Drives box, the garbled text disappears. There is no effect on the functionality of the game.

    Use the default name or a name containing only numbers to save your game. Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to rename the game to the name you want.

    What Else Does SmartPCFixer Offer You?

    Apart from fixing Problems Saving Game in Chessmaster 2000 problems, SmartPCFixer is designed to provide the user's computer system with better optimization, which helps you manage startup items, desktop, browser objects, Internet, system service, Windows optimization, file extensions and so on. With these sophisticated utilities your system is tuned up to run at the optimal state.

    SmartPCFixer provides you with Registry Backup, System Backup, Favorites Backup and Folder Backup. In addition, the new built-in function of Restore Point enables you to create a system store point so you can recover your system to a previous state if you do not like the changes you have made. This ensures the safety of your system when you run the registry repair process.

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    Written by: TysonJam | 26/10/16 04:31PM

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